1950’s Candy

Guess what I just did? I bought a whole bunch of candy from the 1950’s. I’m gonna take a break from counting calories and instead I’m gonna enjoy some tastes from the 50’s.

Remember the lollipops that didn’t come with a stick? Instead they had a loop of something or other so you could fit your fingers through it. I got ’em.

How about the coconut watermelon slices? Uh-huh!

Do you remember those wonderful wax bottles? I loved them. But no, I held myself back and didn’t order those.

Here’s what else I got:

Marshmallow Ice Cream Cones, Candy Lipsticks (they tasted sooooo gooood), Chocolate Gold Coins, Anise Bears, Turkish Taffy, Atomic Fire Balls.

I should’ve bought some Candy Buttons. Maybe next time.

Now all I have to do is wait for my package to arrive. You’re jealous, aren’t you?

3 thoughts on “1950’s Candy

  1. Trish Hamm

    OMG that’s so funny. Bonomo turkish taffy was always one of my favorites so I googled it and sure enouogh there it was and I bought a case….thats right you heard me a case lol.

    I was having one a day, vanilla, strawberry then chocolate and then repeat…. I stopped for a while and gorged on Mike and Ike’s for a week. Haven’t had any candy now in amonth but I forgot about my taffy hahahaha until this blog. I’m having a Turkish Taffy after dinner. Thanks !!!


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