Sheldon’s Folder Board

Several years ago, when I first saw Sheldon, The Big Bang Theory, folding his clothes with the first folder board I’d ever seen, I almost fell out of my chair laughing. I thought, could anyone be that ADD that their t-shirts had to conform in size to one another?

Then a short time later, I noticed the boards cropping up in several other places besides Sheldon’s laundry room. The home shopping networks started hawking the boards and there were some for sale on ebay.

I got to thinking, maybe it would be nice to have t-shirts and nightgowns stacked neatly one upon the other. Think of all the extra space it would create.

Okay, I broke under the pressure. I ordered one from ebay. I haven’t used it yet, but any day now I’ll be a “closet” Sheldon groupie (’cause I don’t intend to own up to my weakness to anyone).

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