Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream – A Disappointment

I remember the days when I had no choice. If I wanted cherry vanilla ice cream, I’d pass all the other brands and head straight to the Breyers section. No  question. Breyers has always been about $1.00 more than the other brands, but it was worth it. I always say, if you’re willing to swallow the calories, they should me A #1 calories.

Of course I’m talking about the days before Cherry Garcia. It seems while I wasn’t paying attention, the quality of all the Breyers ice creams were being cheaped-down, while Ben &  Jerry were using top quality ingredients in their ice creams. This has become my dilemma.

Do I eat less ice cream, because Ben & Jerry’s ice cream is a whole lot more expensive? Or do I accept the fact that Breyers ice creams have become mediocre, but are still pretty good in comparison to other cheaper brands?

This certainly isn’t the most pressing dilemma in the world, but it’s one I at least have control over. What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream – A Disappointment

  1. Trish

    Funny, Tom was just talking about how disappointed he was that his favorite brand of ice cream “Breyers’ now is just terrible and not worth the money. He’s been eating sorbet lately….but back to the subject…get the Ben and Jerry’s. Life is too short to compromise on something as yummy as ice cream 🙂

    1. Frances Ellen Post author

      I agree. It’s Cherry Garcia for me from now on. What in the world has happened to Breyers?


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