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I once listened to a talk radio program and the commentator asked people to call in and describe themselves using ten different words, but the words could not involve other people. For instance, words like “mother,” or “brother” were not allowed. Callers had a difficult time with the question, but it does make you wonder, “Who are you?”

Well, in the spirit of, first and foremost–breaking the rules–I am: Mother, Sister, Grandmother and Good Friend. Some other descriptive words might be: Rule-Breaker (but you already know that), Thinker, Author, Reader, Cynic and Observer.

It’s not easy. Can you do it?

3 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Frances Ellen


    Glad you enjoyed “About the Author.” As many people found out that day on the radio, it’s difficult to find words to describe yourself. I had fun writing that page, but it took some thought.


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