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Call the Midwife

I don’t know who comes up with these titles, but the powers-that-be could surely have come up with something better than Call the Midwife..

I happen to be a long-time viewer of PBS television. Like everyone else I’ve talked to, I watch Downton Abbey and Mr. Selfridge, but I seem to be the only one tuned in to Call the Midwife. Oh, I wonder why? What a dowdy, uninviting, uncomfortable title!

And it’s a shame because it’s a really good show. It’s based on the lives of real people. But more importantly, it can actually make me cry. I’m talking blow your nose crying. Not that I’m a big fan of crying, but no other program on TV moves me to tears.

I don’t giggle (well, I confess sometimes Graham Norton has me rolling in my seat), but for the most part I don’t laugh or cry easily.

Call the Midwife just happens to touch me where it sometimes hurts. If you’re not watching, you should be. Give it a whirl.