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Remember the Rumble Seat?

If you’re under sixty years of age, you’ve probably never experienced the joy and excitement of riding in a rumble seat. Lucky for me, I just made the cut.

This style of car that sported a rumble seat was not very popular with the ladies because there was no shelter from the wind. But if you were six or seven-years-old, the gusts of air didn’t put a dent in your enthusiasm. There was one problem though–It was hard to find someone willing to put their hairdo at risk so that a little girl could catch a ride in back of this awesome car.

The enticing seat was all that mattered to me. However there was that huge problem that hung over me. My mother would, under no circumstances, allow me to ride back there alone. I had to have an adult with me.

As I mentioned before, because ladies were so persnickety about their hair and whatnot, this was a dreadful requirement. Lucky for me, my mother’s friend Peggy was always up for the challenge. The rumble seat delighted her as much as it thrilled me. We’d laugh and giggle together. I’m sure the word “joyride” must have been coined in honor of this car.

Anyway, the last car with a rumble seat rolled off the assembly line in 1938. And I must admit some fantastic cars came later, but none ever had the magic to rival the Rumble Seat.


Dieting – Step #7

Eat more vegetables. Ordinarily I would turn up my nose to this statement, but I have discovered “Steam In Bag” veggies.

The truth is I don’t mind eating vegetables, but opening up a frozen bag of veggies and then preparing them in a pot or in a microwave-safe container–well some days that’s just too much darn work. But now enter Steam In Bag vegetables. (If only they would make them in single packets for those of us who eat alone.) I suppose that’s too much to wish for.

Anyway, last night I had a homemade burger (no bun) and I surrounded it with vegetables: green beans, broccoli and mixed. It was good, but most of all it was filling. And with no carbs.

Then I retired early (with no snacking before bedtime).