10 Men I Like — A Lot

I haven’t listed any American presidents, politicians or religious leaders. That’s an entirely different list. My list is random. Although the names are numbered, no ranking is intended.

  1. Prince William – He has done his mother proud.
  2. Anwar Sadat – His death was a tragic loss to his country.
  3. Joseph, Chief of the Nez Perce tribe – His ill-fated retreat of more than 1,000 miles from federal troops is legendary.
  4. Martin Luther King – He had a dream. We’re still working at it.
  5. George Carlin – He’s probably my all-time favorite comedian.
  6. Paul Newman – A good man.
  7. Danny Thomas – He was much more than met the eye. Visit the St. Jude Children’s Hospital in Memphis to see what I mean.
  8. John J. Audubon – I’m a birder, so Audubon makes my list. He spent 50 years painting and describing the birds of America.
  9. Norman Rockwell – He shared the spirit of America through his paintings. I grew up enjoying his artistry on the covers of The Saturday Evening Post.
  10. Thomas Edison – Every time there is a power outage, I wonder what people did before the light bulb.

These are the first ten names that popped into my mind. I probably missed a few of your favorites.

2 thoughts on “10 Men I Like — A Lot

  1. Robin

    I like the folks you have on your list, but here are a few of mine:
    Carl Sagan – he brought science to everyone & made it interesting
    Leonardo da Vinci – Creative, inventive, a man born before his time
    My dad, Lowell Wright – I was a very lucky girl to have a dad like him
    My brother, David – he may be a lousy housekeeper but he’s a great guy

    Will you be doing a list for the great ladies out there? How about Eleanor Roosevelt?


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